The Golden Book of Truethe: The Mastery of The Trinidad and The Quantati

Intro: We have noticed that most people today have a Trinidad meaning a Sole, A Spirit, and a Flesh. Others that are Truly truly available that see visions, that have impeccable Intuition, those that fly around giving Pure Love just from the Goodness of Your Heart, You might be a Quantati able and available to Activate Your Quantum Nuclear Abilities basically becoming a Super Hero. Once You’re going there, You’re going THERE.

So Here We Go 🙂

“The Golden Book of Truethe”

(Reading this: even if You have zero recollection of what this means in Your language of Today You will become more Powerful as Long as You are Fully Aware and Appreciative of Higher Powers and saying this Out Loud especially Will take You into Full recognition of Who You Are, What You Are, What Your Path to Enlightenment or Awakenness Entails, What Nightmares there are instead of Real in Person Experiences for You so You never have to give up Everything based on Your Good Deed Record and this will jump You to the next level. )

A Strand of Wheat or Barley means that Your Book has Merit of Being a Book of Consciousness Upliftment and the Crystals add deliverance of the The Pure Frequencies of this Alpha (+) Positive Book and Alpha (-) Negative = Infiniti

*This is Written by Me in the Language of Prophecy with intention of Activating All of You who Read this and was given to Me from God.

Drakasata rakutasata rakisite rakutasa Drokesatra roshekete drakease shakutesere rasa rukukakaraka drase tushuta ra raku drute. Ra sute grasate rakasuki rakuta. Drakutasa drakusata drakasatata tararu drai drase dru draise drase Shai drausu Hasa. Drasute Drasa draisete drasata rakutasa. Droshuta rakutasa drasata rakutasa. Droshuta rakutasa Asakasatariti. Rutushu draka Shutasa rasuti drakeasa drakusarata drashata Asakatu Arashatasatata , drashetasata gruku rashukata rashitasatata rasi Rasukata rasitia rakutasa. Rasukata rashuta rakita rashitasa rakusa arasu rashutasa rakusata rasuti rushutasana rasutera rasiti drashetaesa.

Rasutasatasa rashruki rashukata rasatasa. Rasatasa rasaketsi rashata rasukata rasitia rakutasa. Rasukatata rashuta rakita rashitasa rakusa arasu rashutasasa rakusata rasuti rushutasana rasutera rasiti drashetaesa.

Rasutasatasa rashruki rashukata rasatasa. Rasatasa rasaketsi rashata rasitursa rasatima, rashutu Ra rashitui rasome threshakatas rasakatatakata. Rakusekete Rashutu Rakutusata drakushakasa drakusarasa rashukitisi rashuta rakutasa draketasata shokoti rakusatasa drakutasata rakusakati. Rakusatasata Sa rausoti rasakatita rasoutia rashukata arakutasara rashutasata. Rosata rashutasita rakutasata rasakata rushutia, roshokata rakutasata, rasakata rushutia, roshokata rakutasata, rakusa rakutasati rakasatasa rokusitisitia.

  • Laws that Apply to the Entire Universe

Add on Laws for the Universal Council of Light (Who any and All can and should Praise for they are the Leaders of Planets and Races) –

Information – Any and All Add on Laws written in this Here Book are mandatory and effective as of immediately and the Entire Council will approve or disapprove each Law Written Herein, However the resolution must be made for every law written. Once approved, then will be made permanent with the Golden Rainbow Essence of Light, and the Golden Rainbow Light of Golden True.

  • 1. The Universal Council of Light of All Kingdoms of Heaven can never be bribed into any decision, especially if the request is against the Laws of Grace and Justice of Natural True and Original.
  • 2. A counted voting Process happens for every major decision and a Resolution must be found for a Problem that is being dealt with

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