This is my plea for help from the US Government Military to Kick Down the Doors. These instances OF RESCUE are beyond true and necessary when discovering what it is that allows infiniti to exist on this planet for us. This Universe is very big and there are many planets that need these resoultions handled for themselves also and never would we ever hoard knowledge from the public about these issues and I will see these through all the way to the Supreme Court Justice Court to become legalized.

*** ISSUE 123 – MEAT EATING > For all of the animal processing facilities, We demand that you never kill an animal or mammal rather let the animals live their entire life and preferably only take the fish that naturally wash up onto shore. The animal facilities are turning people around the world, starting with the United States, into carniverous Cemeteries and the Cow Lords have made their biggest plea for assistance from me for all to not be like that. (This is in full effort to make people realize that they would rather never eat an animal again because they now realize that the animals scream just like a person would if they were slaughtered in the City Street or in the middle of no where and also that they have ultimate determination to live their full lives just like we do and that these aspects would drive the public to steer away from ever distributing products that come from flesh ever again. Respecting every race, every color of person, every specie each as a PERSON and realize this in our daily habits then we will notice

*** ISSUE 456 – DOGS AND CATS AS FOOD > Seeing how easy it is to raise enough Dollars to rescue a whole facility of Dogs out of the Dog Eating Community I see that more people can be involved in this process from over here seeing that eating such beings are creating more health issues and more issues with the health insurance companies and that more of us can be doing the following. Remove the issue therefor this never gets instilled in DNA for the following genetics by forcing people of now to remove this issue. These dogs can be cleaned up and trained to be emotional support animals with Health Insurance business being utilized to solve issues in people more naturally.

*** ISSUE 789 – PUBLIC SCHOOL/JAIL/PRISON/ HOSPITAL FOOD > At hospitals and involuntary health centers there are hardly any meatless or dairy-free options and until all of the solutions are provided to the public about how to maintain the people and persons with abilities that feel uncontained therefor keeping them out of those areas, fruit, vegetable, grain, and legume options need to be provided. The funding would have to come from the lessen departments of taxation since food is hardly expensive compared to peoples entire food supply amount being given to them just because they are poor, have children, and or have a minority category benefitting them. For example, there are funds going towards all women businesses (this is technically a minority group according to our race being ONE since we all evolved from the same planet and different species we evolved from as Humans and we all share the same place). These aspects are covered by their Personal Bonds and we inevitably never want prisons or jail cells to be filled, and instead the seats at school and save their bonds for their retirement that includes paying others to build a house on a plot of land in the Middle States if they are American Residents. Other countries may also see that this is implemented since in the Original Law of the Land Written by Yeshua Hammashiack this is stated “All New families receive a plot of land when they become Married”. If we continue following the Bringer of Enlightenment in this regard then even the aspects of cleaning up the streets will happen, smaller raising of population rates, then we will all see that He is writing from the actual Law Books that all of the Lords throughout the Universe live by and we never want to look unworthy by being unruly. We need the empty space in the prisons because others are turning theres into hotels or hostels and could be associated with independent growth centers. Those that cracked themselves out with drugs and are imbalanced, unable to fully function, and need a full rejuvenation they will need a hospital however the hospitals will need upgrades and transformations in order to stop poisoning peoples abilities to become Enlightened and that will be featured in the MARTIAL AND EVOLVEMENT LAW #3 TRANSFORMATION …. We need to offer a second chance at life “Independent Growth Centers” option to Our States, and all Countries and Regions after wards. This alongside the Programs like “Hope Alliance” and “Camp Hope” for abused domestic partners and Children creating a 7% Recidivism instead of sometimes 80%, I believe will create more space, and less expenditures because personal bonds aren’t meant to be accessed until the person retires and therefore we need less social security taxation on the land. , then it is our upmost priority to assist them with the food that is improving their karmic upliftment towards their transformation therefor stopping the health insurance businesses overflux of distribution of funds to the hospitals.


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