We <3 The Green Festival

The Truth For Gold team was super thrilled to cover The Los Angeles Green Festival! The Expo was launched 15 years ago by Green America & Global Exchange and takes place in many other cities including New York, DC, San Francisco and Portland. The green movement continues to gain traction in the city with more and more people joining the expo to take part in this important cause. Guests include celebrities, notable speakers, business owners, media representatives, environmental advocates and community members who all share the important commitment of making Los Angeles more sustainable.  

TFG was honored to interview the President, Dr. Corinna Basler who brings years of experience in international business strategy, marketing, branding, communications and CSR to organizing this impressive expo. She has worked in Europe, Asia and the US as well as traveling to nearly one hundred countries and holds a Ph.D in Business Science.  Dr. Corinna is deeply passionate about animals rights just like Kiernan Kit. Both enjoyed playing with our feathered and four legged friends in the animal farm sponsored by Have a Heart Animal Rescue Foundation.

Kiernan chats with Alex Hoffman from Green Gorilla about their Hemp & Olive 100% Organic CBD Oil with zero THC meaning there are no psychotropic effects. Dr. Cherilyn Lee of “Nu Wellness TV with Dr. Lee” & Lee’s PureAir Mask, joined us in endorsing this great product and shared her personal experience having nine tumors and cysts on her thyroid actually shrinking and almost have disappeared now due to injesting CBD oil.

Dr. Lee says, ”It’s great to take when you do not want to feel sedated, need to go to work or be drug tested.” There are no risks and it is good for humans and pets. Not only is Dr. Lee a leading expert in the field of health, nutrition and well-being, she is one of our highly regarded TFG Golden Angels.

Abigail Steinberg who wrote the book, “Recipe For Success” teaches us how to take a product from conception all the way to market. Her experience launching Zevia earned her a whopping $20 million dollars. Her favorite product at the expo is Lakanto Monk fruit sweetener because of it’s non-GMO, 0 calories & 0 glycemic effect making it safe for diabetics and it tastes great. “It has all of the benefits without the guilt”. It comes as an added sweetener, smoothie powder and in even in chocolate with almond chips & cacao nips. Lakanto’s mission is to get people off of sugar and its harmful effects on the body. Lakanto products  are one of the highest selling items on Amazon.

We loved roaming from booth to booth discovering organic vegan foods at Kelly’s Croutons and Tastathon with Ed and Randy Kugler. Kiernan blind tested and tried to guess the various flavors of Beanfield’s  bean and rice chips including nacho, sea salt, BBQ and pico de gallo. After years of not being able to eat jelly beans because the gelatin is boiled up pig and calve hooves, she was able to enjoy nibbling on vegan jelly beans from Surf Sweets.

After tasting foods that were not only delicious but also nutritious, we was delighted to find a an open yoga class. For the first time ever the LA Expo featured two indoor yoga pavilions with Create Yoga, The Xanadu Life, and Radhanath Swami. Before class began, I found a cute new outfit to wear with vibrant colors resembling a peacock from the Om Collection clothing made of recycled polyester and Tree bark.  She also had fun trying on various crystal pieces of jewelry from Chablis which are good for natural healing. 

Also in attendance was Taryn Hipwell from Beyond the Label who participated at the Eco fashion show earlier in the week at the Expert Dojo with Brian MacMahon, Chief Community Officer who also had a major presence at the Green Fest. Beyond the Label takes a secondhand T-shirt to recycle for a new T-shirt when you leave. Tarin partners with I Collect, who make sure the textiles go to a good place.

We also got to interview Reverend Leon Campbell from the Agape Spiritual Center who is collaborating with Judy Julin from Inspired Parenting to host the Family Fun Pavilion. The Pavilion was filled with activities for the entire family to learn about new education initiatives. In the kids learning center, we also spoke with Lucy Hake founder of International Little Artist the Voice of Unheard Children. Their mission is global communication by going back to the roots of the homo sapiens using art as universal language to bridge nations and children. They believe Art and music are communication
that skip politics, religion and borders.

It was also a pleasure getting to know the LA Regional Director of Green Fes, Pascale Coupal-Sikes. She received her B.A. at UCSD in Psychology and Environmental Studies, is fluent in Spanish and studied permaculture in Costa Rica.
Pascale is dedicated to ensuring the continued success of The Green Festival annually!!

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