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Our CEO Kiernan Kit has had some Crazy Beautiful encounters with Portal Mountains and Space Ships that gave Her all the Knowledge and Wisdom that She needs and needed to lead this Planet into the most sustainable future yet. Permitting Infiniti for our whole race here, and  for other Races on other Planets to also discover Infiniti for themselves for She is also capable of speaking to different Worlds with Her Enlightenment Capabilities. Creator has had major plans for us and so in “All Stories” You can read about the different Encounters and Phenomenas that She and Her Sister Brotherhood Members all over the World have had with Her Including stopping the End of Times Here by controlling a Space Ship with Her abilities into the Mile Long Astroid that was in between the Moon and The Earth. ‘Creator guides me through all aspects of life including what We filmed in AFRICA with AKON to assist the Trauma Victims of Slavery that are instilled even today within DNA and marks the moments that we must find Resolution for any Color of our ONE RACE. Sample Video featured below. “This was His order that guided Me through Activations and Downloads that opened up my Brain Capacity to 100%+”- Kiernan Kit. We deliver You these Truths in Our Virtual Reality(VR) Stories, VR Music VideosTV News Series, and undeniably the Personalized Productions we offer Your Project and an XRPlatform that is sure about to Clean Up House.
We believe that you have your own personal Star in the Universe and lets call this your “Higher Self“. There are different ages of ascension that humanity has gone through and we are entering the ‘Golden Aura Era’ of what we believe to be the time that humanity finally works past stubbornness, and into their higher missions in life to give back to our home planet Earth therefore saving Humanity. Truth For Gold is short for “The Ultimate Truethe for the Golden Star Shama Awakening“. We celebrate and welcome all religious backgrounds and we are here to help every Human being get to their FULL AWAKENING by discovering how to invoke the Christ within!
Our network of partners have a collective knowledge library that would probably reach the moon and back. With this knowledge, We have written a 12 part 120 min full-length VR Comedy Drama and have begun filming the first VR Music Videos for major artists that will get woven into the dialogue. We have researched and gathered missions from all over the world to include on this never been done before Power Project to truly uplift and spread the most uplifting and helpful solutions to the Universe. Everyone on this planet plays a major role in this project but more specifically we are searching for the best minds in Cryptocurrency, Virtual Reality, Global Missions, Conscientious Networks, App Development and Innovative Impact Projects.
We’re all about the latest and greatest in VR Production Tech, but more importantly it’s about the Story, the Message you want to tell, and the Vision we see to take it above your highest expectations. VR is the best marketing out there right now, and so is being Cash, Self and Planet Friendly.
We are so excited about all of you who are making such great moves in the World of Benefit and we are proud to announce our brand spanking new Real News TV Show which was initialized to promote the best. So far we have made appearances at many, MANY Conscious events and interviewed the geniuses you need to learn from to improve or initialize your own project. Enjoy!
Our Different Lordships here on Planet Earth are the leading Healers that become Initiated for their Awakening. Without them running around Free, no matter what their abilities are, this planet Sustains Life on the Surface very scarcely. Let us see that the Chosen Lordships are Bright, Shiny, Beautifully Awakened after activation from a Near by Healer or the Golden Light from the Planet Herself.

Virtual Reality (VR) Event Hostesses

We provide not only a VR production team and concept for your Benefit event, but also a ‘Golden Angel’ Hostess to get the best story and give you a day you’ll never forget… Virtually. VR is ranked as the top marketing tool of 2018 and it’s never too late to inquire about what we see in your near future.


We specialize in producing game changing Virtual Reality (VR) Campaigns that will enhance the truth you live by, while taking you on an epic journey. Our in-house production team is dedicated to creating VR experiences and campaigns to market your brand, utilizing Cutting Edge Emerging Technologies. Our team of consummate professionals is dedicated to producing immersive VR experiences to grow brand awareness. We implement this tremendous technology to deliver an unparalleled marketing tool. We conceptualize and strategize a comprehensive campaign to showcase the remarkable benefit your company is providing the planet while your business attracts the masses. We look forward to immersing you in an Innovative Effective Change for a New Tomorrow.


We invite you to be a part of something you would not ordinarily be able to see or experience making this feel far more intimate than a regular video. These VR videos are always eye catching and filled with imagery giving you a visual treat from every angle to focus on. The use of movement forces you to look around to follow the action. In a compelling 360 video, the performers move through your field of vision causing you turn and track them or even allow you to become them and watch the story unfold around you from any direction or position. This inclusiveness elevates VR videos and empowers you to experience the show like never before and feel as if you actually there. We are searching for the most influential and impactful musicians to create VR music videos for to include in our revolutionary distribution platform currently in development.  


With all the natural disasters devastating the planet and the population, sustaining our planet has never been more crucial. With all the available products and services, going green is a great way to stand out and differentiate yourself from your competitors, while saving money and helping to impact Mother Earth. Our strategic business consultants have theproven experience supporting all aspects of transforming your business to be environmentally sustainable.  They can make an appointment to visit your establishment to discuss  your current practices. These experts will share simple ways to examine and change how you perform everyday tasks. They will conduct an audit, analyzing post consumer waste management, recycling, biodegradable cleaners, beauty, lights, appliances, transportationand especially energy management. Following their advise will save you tremendous amounts of money while making you more appealing to all consumers and companies. We will create an environmental mission statement or green practices section on your website. We will also include any accreditations, certificates or honors you receive as well as all the outstanding accomplishments you are contributing to the world. We will produce all the 2D and VR Videos necessary to showcase your conversion and renewal to the world.


Brand Ambassadors are outstanding individuals or companies who meet the Truth For Gold, Golden Stamp of Approval. Our ambassadors are tops in their fields paving the way for everyone to learn from and follow. They provide the best and latest knowledge in their areas of expertise. They have received numerous accolades from their clients, peers as well as society. They lead exemplary lifestyles personally as well as professionally. They have influenced humanity to re-examine older outdated methods and practices in everything from health, education, sustainability, technology, science and space. We are eternally grateful for the influence they have generated, creating a happier healthier tomorrow!